For years voice actors have used technology such as ISDN and Source Connect to deliver their voice in high quality to producers. This type of technology can be expensive, but nevertheless is a necessity for the industry. In the podcast industry, the need to have, not only the host, but the guest, be in full quality is increasing in demand. Luckily, there are now services that can allow you to get high quality recordings of your guests all through a process as easy as Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Here are the two main services I’ve found so far for recording guests in full studio quality.


Zencastr is probably one of the most popular remote recording interfaces. Zancastr was designed specifically for podcasters and has some great podcast specific built in features. Zencastr has a look similar to most digital audio workstations and because there’s no software to download, to record your guest, it’s as simple as sending them a link. Once they click the link, they are directed to a page and you are notified. Then they’re on board and ready to record! As soon as you’ve finished the recording you can download the complete podcast as one track. Alternatively, you can download your voice, and theirs, on two separate tracks. You can even play your intro live, right on the online interface. Zencastr is a great solution for recording you and a guest in high quality without the need for any additional software.


This is another online tool for recording guests that requires no additional downloads or plugins to get up and running. You can record in high quality with up to 3 guests. You can capture video and high quality WAV audio files separately. With your recordings backed up in in real time to their cloud, Squadcast ensures you’ll never loose your audio due to a bad internet connection. While Squadcast doesn’t carry as many extra features, its a great, no fluff tool for recording remote guests in high quality.

I would encourage you to check both of them out and see what features fit your needs best. While these online tools do capture high quality audio, the only caveat, is that the audio must be high quality to begin with. To ensure this, see that your guest has a good quality microphone on their end. Otherwise, a service like this will make little difference.